Most Topics are from The Rotorcraft Flying Handbook FAA-H-8083-21, Text and Graphics also taken from that Revision and updated for accuracy and display.

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Helicopter Flight Maneuvers:

Vertical Takeoff to a Hover
Approaches: Hover and Surface
Steep Approach to a Hover
Hovering Turns
Forward Hovering Flight
Ground Reference Maneuvers
Sideward Hovering Flight
Helicopter Traffic Patterns
Rearward Hovering Flight
Running Takeoff & Landings
Taxiing: Hover, Air, & Surface
Rapid Deceleration (Quick Stops)
Takeoffs: Normal and Surface
Reconnaissance Procedures
Maximum Performance Takeoff
Slope Operations
Straight and Level Flight
Confined Area Operations
Normal Climbs & Descents
Pinnacle & Ridgeline Operations
Turns, Slips & Skids

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