You normally use Forward Hovering Flight to move a helicopter to a specific location, and it is usually started from a stationary hover. During the maneuver, constant groundspeed, altitude, and heading should be maintained.


Before starting, select two references directly in front and in line with the helicopter. These reference points should be kept in line throughout the maneuver.

Begin the maneuver from a normal hovering altitude by applying forward cyclic pressure. as movement begins, return the cyclic towards the neutral position tomaintainthe groundspeed at a slow rate - No faster than a brisk walk.

Throughout the maneuver, maintain a constant groundspeed and path over the ground using the cyclic, a constant heading with the antitorque pedals, altitude with collective, and proper rotor RPM with throttle. (Those guys in governor equipped craft have it slightly easier.)

To stop forward movement, apply rearward cyclic pressure until the helicopter stops. As forward motion stops, return the cyclic to the neutral position (hovering position you had at the beginning) to prevent rearward movement.

Forward movement can also be stopped by simply applying rearward cyclic pressure to level the helicopter and allowing it to drift to a stop.

Common Errors

Exaggerated movement of the cyclic, resulting in erratic movement over the surface.
Failure to use the antitorque pedals properly, resulting in excessive heading changes.
Failure to maintain the desired hovering altitude.
Failure to maintain proper rotor RPM.

For the novice pilot directional control is paramount in forward hovering flight, if an engine failure occurs in forward hovering flight, having the heli aligned with the direction of travel can avoid the possibility of a sideslip touching town, which in itself caould lead to a dynamic rollover. Keep it to the brisk walk, and also be aware of your surroundings when traveling, personnel nearby, other aircraft, etc. that could be affected by your rotorwash when you are passing by.

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